Mission and vision

Corporate Governance Evergrain

Being part of the Baywa group we are committed to achieving high standards of corporate governance to ensure that our values and business principles are upheld.

Our three directors are responsible for the following key aspects of the group’s governance and performance:

a) Financial performance
b) Strategic direction
c) Overall risk management



Evergrain believes that sustainability must be an integral part of everything we do. It is vital to good business conduct, and helps us meet both our own expectations and those of our stakeholders.

We operate under a sustainability framework to balance social, environmental, ethical and commercial interests.

Andries de Groen:

“Evergrain is committed to meeting these challenges by continuing to embed social, environmental and economic considerations into the way we do business. Through these efforts, we aim to meet the expectations of all our stakeholders”

Don’t hesitate to contact us directly to get a better understanding of our sustainability framework.