Evergrain is 100% by the Baywa AG. Baywa`s decentralized collaboration model enables us to have an entrepreneurial culture which is founded on a solid financial ground. Due to our core team’s multiple-faceted experience in malting barley, we have an insider’s perspective on our clients’ needs and have carefully designed a business model which is capable to offer the most suitable solutions in the ever-changing industry. The members of the Evergrain management team praise enduring business relations and cultivate close communication with suppliers, customers and communities.

Dr. Alexander Rosenberger

Alexander was appointed as a trading manager at BayWa AG Munich in 2009 where he successfully managed the group’s malting grains trading book. Core function has been to market BayWa’s own malting barley origination across Europe. At the same time he was an appreciated member of the management team of the grain trading department located in BayWa Headquarters in Munich. After completion of his University graduation and PhD Studies he started his career as a crop production consultant at WLZ Raiffeisen AG, which was later taken over by BayWa AG. Prior to this Alexander moved to Munich and worked in the company’s department for farm input materials focusing on seed grain marketing. His role in Evergrain is to integrate BayWa’s malting grains trading business entirely into the subsidiary, support the origination business, and is responsible for both trading and execution with focus on Germany.

Andries de Groen

Andries de Groen was a senior raw materials buyer between September 2000 and February 2004 at the Weissheimer Group. In April 2004 Andries joined SABMiller, where he engineered and implemented global sourcing strategies. In May 2008 Andries was appointed a Strategic Planning Director for Romania and later on he became Regional Procurement Director for Europe. Since June 2010 he has joined Evergrain as a Managing Partner. His role in Evergrain is to oversee the overall business.

Matthias Wree

Matthias Wree joined Evergrain as Managing Partner in 2013. Prior to this assignment he spent 2 years as Managing Partner with Swiss based brewing raw materials consultancy RMI Analytics. From 2006 to 2011 Matthias held several regional and global positions in SABMiller’s brewing raw material procurement team with the key focus to improve the group’s malt and malting barley sourcing strategy. During his highly instructive time with the 2nd largest global beer company at the time he was stationed in Hungary and in Switzerland. Before joining SAB Miller, Matthias started his carreer as a commodity trader in 2002 at Alfred C. Toepfer International in Hamburg, Germany and Singapore.