Our Main Activities

Main Activities

Evergrain is focused on:

  • Production and sourcing of malting barley in key origins directly or in close cooperation with local partners
  • Marketing of quality malting barley to international and regional brewers and maltsters
  • Optimizing the supply chain and pricing mechanisms in the best interest of all our stakeholders (Customer, Farmers logistics provider)

Our partnerships with maltsters, brewers and other buyers of grains enable us to provide large-scale farmers, cooperatives and additional suppliers a wide range of end destinations, domestically and internationally - to market their crops profitably and safely.


Evergrain’s purpose is to maximize the benefits of the cross-industry dialogue and to contribute to long-term sustainability and prosperity throughout the entire chain.

Our strategy includes:

  • Guaranteeing an effective integrated supply chain from grower to consumer by building long lasting partnerships
  • Developing and encouraging sustainable tailored customer solutions for our global and regional partners
  • Connecting people and create awareness within the value chain to support the profitable production of food grains
  • Managing professionally price risks and market volatility to protect returns and shareholder investments

Having leadership position and exploring profitable niche opportunities in the managed commodities are our main targets.